TIMVERO and Plumery Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Digital Banking

London, 22 August 2023 – TIMVERO, creator of timveroOS, the groundbreaking lending operating system, and Plumery, the innovative provider of a holistic digital engagement platform for banking, today unveiled a strategic partnership. Their joint mission? To enable banks and financial institutions worldwide to go digital and offer their customers unprecedented customer-centricity and flexibility to build what matters.

The symbiotic fusion of these two fintech ventures promises a game-changing enhancement for the banking world. Together, they aim to redefine customer experiences by combining state-of-the-art lending tools with next-gen digital self-service interfaces.

Unfolding Plumery’s Magic: As an advocate for delightful digital experiences, Plumery offers a holistic digital engagement platform focused on giving banks and other financial companies, irrespective of size, a sturdy foundation for success with rapid time-to-market.

Plumery’s unique approach provides a library of out-of-the-box digital banking capabilities to help banks launch delightful mobile and web experiences quickly and a state-of-the-art developer experience environment with accelerators, allowing them to create and deploy unique functionality faster and easier than before.

A Glimpse into timveroOS: TIMVERO has long stood at the forefront of digital innovation with its timveroOS. Designed meticulously for the contemporary needs of lenders, the operating system is a composite suite of three integrable solutions: Origination Software, Analytics Software, and Servicing Software. Not only does it convert intricate processes into single, intuitive workflows, but its advanced xAI (explainable AI) analytics framework and financial engineering module have shown to boost profit per loan by an impressive 20% on average. Banks leveraging timveroOS have been seen making executive decisions at speeds up to 12x faster.

The confluence of TIMVERO’s lending prowess and Plumery’s digital acumen paves the way for banks to achieve two core goals:

  • Digital Transformation: Banks and financial institutions can now streamline their lending processes, infuse AI-driven analytics, and make smarter, faster business actions – all on a robust digital platform.
  • Uncompromised User Experience: With the combined force of Plumery and timveroOS, institutions can offer tailored mobile and web experiences, setting new standards in customer delight.

Speaking about the matter, Dmitriy Wolkenstein, CEO of TIMVERO, said, “We’re at a juncture where digital is not just a technology, but a significant catalyst for business growth. Our collaboration with Plumery resonates with our commitment to assist banks in becoming more agile, intelligent, and most importantly, customer-centric.”


Both companies will seamlessly integrate their technology, allowing joint customers to leverage the integration to combine both daily banking and lending capabilities. Banks and financial institutions around the globe stand at the cusp of a new era. With TIMVERO and Plumery steering the ship, the journey into the digital future looks promising and unparalleled.

About Plumery

Plumery stands as a beacon in the world of digital engagement platforms for banking. Their mission to offer financial companies globally      a foundation for success shines through their commitment to providing immersive and fast-to-market mobile and web experiences combining ready-to-use capabilities with unpralalled flexibility to build whats unique and specific for every customer.


TIMVERO, with its timveroOS, has carved a niche in providing a state-of-the-art lending operating system tailored for modern lenders. Through innovative features, such as xAI analytics and financial engineering modules, they drive measurable business improvements for credit businesses.