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Through an integration of industry-leading services and tools, unified user experience, automation and customization of digital workflows, Timvero creates top-grade software systems that are designed to underlie your critical financial and business processes. Our core focus is on business process management, lending platforms, digital banking and payment solutions.

Our cases


No one off-the-shelf products covered the сlient's unique business processes.


Timvero offered a timeline cut-down delivery approach. We used our proprietary lending engine and provided a straightforward, quick and easy migration process to completely transform the client’s business. With our assistance, they received a highly performant HIPAA- and PCI-compliant custom lending platform. The system features unique robust scoring models and dozens of detailed automated cases. It utilizes integrated functionality of an industry-leading SaaS for payment processing, and third-party services for data validation, call campaigns, BI, bookkeeping and more.

As a result, the solution has allowed the client to optimize operational costs and is now scalable in all U.S. states.


The client aimed to launch their idea before any competitors would do. Having a tight deadline for leveraging the market opportunity, they wanted to “book” a spot in the new sub-market as quickly as possible.


Timvero took on such a time-sensitive challenge. Working against the strict deadline, we started with our proprietary financial platform and built unique functionality on top of it in a lego-like approach. Within a very short timeframe, we came up with an optimal GDPR-compliant system for our client integrated with partner banks and terminals.

The solution was launched in only 7 weeks and had a sturdy system to back it.


It took up to one year and significant amount of coding resources to automate business processes for every new Client's customer. The task was to improve this process and save company money.


Timvero endeavored to reduce the company’s operational bottlenecks by improving the process and ultimately saving the company time and money with a custom system. We revamped the entire process by providing a refactored version of the existing solution. The end result of this team-up is a unified flexible core lending engine that powers the client’s solution. It has a modular structure and can be customized for new markets in a month with much less time and effort.

The new system has allowed the company to almost double its efficiency and, thus, significantly increase its revenue.


There was an urgent need for a service that could provide gamers with the ability to buy digital “gold” without spending any real money.


We decided to co-found our first startup for “mining” game currency online. Players could earn “beardeer” e-coins by doing a specific task or mining and then trade them for gold/rubles in the game. We integrated this system with WM mail task stocks, multiple games and payment aggregators. Inventing a new cryptocurrency miner system has solidified our reputation as tech-savvy experts.

Having invented new cryptocurrency miner, we gained a reputation of tech-savvy experts.


Our client, like many other big retailers, had a market growing faster than their technological capabilities. An incredible volume of goods was stuck at the checkout point, while page load and calculation processing took an unacceptable amount of time.


To cope with the increasing quantity of goods and process purchases in a timely manner, we stepped in with our tech expertise. We suggested that the checkout components were re-factored and scaled to multiple RU regions in order to boost the flow of goods, and eventually optimized the entire system.

The result was an immense increase in sales KPIs and a 5X better performance rate.



With a variety of cutting-edge tools, we specialize in developing lending platforms, payment systems, and multiple solutions for online banks that build on the power of fintech. Our expertise extends to working with start-ups and global companies to provide integrations that are ready to bolster any market. Timvero is here for those who recognize the importance of technology for the financial services industry but yet have to choose which one will drive a significant impact on their business.


Our mission is to ensure your success. If you’re looking for a back-office location in Europe, we can offer a powerful team of developers with a highest level of expertise in business software engineering and digital workflow automation, and knowledge of the fintech industry. Our goal is to help you optimize your scale-up expenses, save time on recruitment and build a strong team with a project management culture that drives your success.


If you have a new product idea and need to launch fast, Timvero is your tech-savvy companion. With us, you can build it from the ground up into a minimum remarkable product. We love working with startups and are extremely well-versed in forwarding product demos, early releases, PoCs and R&D outcomes. We leverage our team capabilities to build high-grade proof of concepts in a quick and timely manner. Timvero is your go-to team for creating a secure and reliable business-specific system that will accelerate your success and growth.


Our comprehensive virtual CTO and financial services consulting address issues such as scalability, interoperability and data privacy with market-tested solutions. Having carefully evaluated your processes, existing infrastructure, long-term and short-term goals, we supply detailed technical design, solution architecture and delivery roadmap that ensure security, resiliency, scalability, maintainability and performance.


Legacy software and systems with inherent design restrictions can impede and slow down your business growth. We strive to rethink and reframe, refactor and completely upgrade your entire system into a high-performance and scalable solution. Having an extensive background in Java and other business-ready technologies, we have the ability to completely change the way you do business with a system that embraces new market demands and factors in future growth momentum.


Give us any problem and we guarantee that we’ll devise the best possible solution to address it.



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