Proud to announce that TIMVERO has been selected to participate in Money20/20, happening June 4-6, 2024, in Amsterdam. The company, known for its flagship AI loan management system, timveroOS, will be featured alongside other pioneering startups in the Startups Hangout Area.

timveroOS, represents a fully customizable end-to-end solution designed to revolutionize loan management in banks, credit unions, fintechs, and alternative lending organizations. The platform encompasses three distinct yet seamlessly integrated lending solutions:

At Money 20/20 TIMVERO is going to present a standout feature of the offering loved by customers: the AI-first operating model. It is novice, flexible, and fully tailored to client’s needs, which significantly enhances banking/fintech efficiency. By leveraging advanced data modules and a proprietary analytics engine, timveroOS empowers lenders to achieve a 10-20% growth in profit per loan while optimizing workflow alignment across business units.

At our booth, we can also talk about TIMVERO’s SDK-powered flexibility that ensures scalability and optimizes costs without sacrificing automation. This approach allows our customers to innovate, track results transparently, and implement in-house enhancements while maintaining the quality of lending management software.

“We know that Money 20/20 this year will be focused on AI-based and hyper-personalized user experiences, so we are ready to present timveroOS based on robust AI data ingestion and transformation tools, advanced analytics for decision-making, and modular architecture promoting a customer-centric and hyper-personalized approach. This versatility extends to the automation of various business models, including vendor and client portals compatible with B2B2C lending structures.” – says Dmitry Wolkenstein, CEO at TIMVERO.

At Money20/20 Amsterdam, TIMVERO aims to showcase the transformative potential of timveroOS within the global fintech ecosystem. With its emphasis on innovation, scalability, and personalized user experiences, TIMVERO represents a leading force in the evolution of AI-driven loan management systems.

Drop us a line to learn more about our offering and book a meeting at Money20/20 Amsterdam.

Let’s explore the future of lending technology together!