We are excited to share a groundbreaking update to our timveroOS architecture that will revolutionize how you manage and automate your lending processes. Introducing our latest innovation: Customizable Participant Abstraction.


At TIMVERO, we believe in building customer-centric processes and automation, and our core entity – Participant – embodies this philosophy.

What Are Participants?

Our Participant feature allows Financial Institutions (FIs) to configure and manage any Participant in-house, offering unparalleled customization. Here’s how it works:

  • Comprehensive Customization: Tailor any custom attributes and types of Participants to fit your FI’s needs. Customize all the data sources that attributes should be filled with, ensuring your unique processes, such as underwriting, user experiences, and product targeting, are fully customizable.
  • Simplified Processes: Bring various participants together in a single deal, simplifying processes in collateral management, asset-based lending, and commercial lending.
  • Easy Onboarding and Dynamic Data Modeling: Set up raw data from the beginning, facilitating easy onboarding of data sources and dynamic data modeling. This ensures consistent storage and makes it easier to reuse the data in any process later on.
  • No-Code and Low-Code Capabilities: Customize customer journeys, underwriting, business flows, and products using our no-code admin-side setup or more low-level SDK capabilities.
  • Enhanced Data Utilization for Machine Learning: Our machine-readable format enhances data utilization for Machine Learning purposes by 12 times.

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